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Hi from russia!!!!!!!!!!

📣 1 BCN is worth : 0.004668 USD (3.69% 📈)

@Akademek 📊 Market supply : 183,601,764,931.2 BCN over 184,467,440,735 of max supply (99.53%)

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Po ByteCoin je u top 30 kriptovaluta (~1500 ih je na spisku). Krenuo je da raste naglo i očekuje se da bude prilično isplativ. This is a link to the new bytecoin ukraine now with added english support and any new members would be appriciated

@CVXmne pls adjust the profil pic of the group. thanks, cryptoP This is a link to bytecoin ukraine now with added english support and woukd be glad to accept new members

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@admin pls change the group pic to the official bcn sub community pic

@CVXmne, Please use this command in private chat 😏

🕑 Last updated 14:02 UTC 📣 1 BCN is worth : • 0.002648 USD (10.43% 📈) • 0.00000030 BTC • 0.002085 EUR 📊 Market supply : 183,790,701,545.6 BCN over 184,467,440,735 of max supply (99.633%) 📌 24H Volume : • 1071859105 BCN • 2837081 USD • 324 BTC 🔗 Market cap : 486677778 USD

📣 1 BCN is worth : 0.002821 USD (-4.17% 📉)

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