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Victor N
What are your price prediction for end 2018?

Between $0.05 and $0.50 USD.... but that's only based off my opinion that $10 to $20 Trillion USD is coming into Crypto through 2020.

Welcome to Bytecoin Canada @Cryptokeeper90 !

Crypto pnd : new group join now for best advantages

@Cryptokeeper90 Thanks Chad, hopefully you’ll get some of the 18 people in this group to join that Discord. But please, don’t post that again or you’ll face the banhammer. Thanks.

​​Important dates for BCN community... We are on the way for amazing crypto technologies, that will change our future...

Market's pretty unstable the last couple of weeks, and there's a lot of uncertainty around crypto, I'm 80% down on almost all my assets lol

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Bytecoin is the first implementation of the CryptoNote algorithm and it is shockingly liberating technology. Cryptonote uses ring signatures. With what is happening in Privacy today, maybe it is time you read about the technology underlying some of the strongest privacy tools ever created. From wikipedia: In cryptography, a ring signature is a type of digital signature that can be performed by any member of a group of users that each have keys. Therefore, a message signed with a ring signature is endorsed by someone in a particular group of people. One of the security properties of a ring signature is that it should be computationally infeasible to determine which of the group members' keys was used to produce the signature. Ring signatures are similar to group signatures but differ in two key ways: first, there is no way to revoke the anonymity of an individual signature, and second, any group of users can be used as a group without additional setup. Ring signatures were invented by Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir, and Yael Tauman, and introduced at ASIACRYPT in 2001.[1] The name, ring signature, comes from the ring-like structure of the signature algorithm.

How can Bytecoin be one step away from being the only crypto on the cryptonote tech?

I don't understand how this crypto has been around fpr years yet this is the only sort of English group there is. Is that right?

This crypto is from 2014 and it's so hard to find actual community

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Hi, i found this tweet on twitter where this day-trader made over 400% by trading crypto in the last 3 months! I found this very interesting and want to start copying his trades. Do any of you follow his trades?

So guys, what is the position of canadian government about cryptocoins, bitcoin? Someone knows is it a bad thing, i transfer bitcoin to an canadian exchange and after transfer to my account in a commom bank being an immigrant?