Crypto Mania, 📌 24H Volume : 827917680 BCN | 6153206 USD | 508 BTC

Crypto Mania, 📊 Market supply : 183,686,791,789.3 BCN over 184,467,440,735 of max supply (99.576%)

Crypto Mania, 🔗 Market cap : 1366997104 USD

FM stresses that the government does not consider cryptocurrencies as legal tender and will take measures to curb illegitimate transactions funded by crytocurrencies

And one who is getting good amount of money from crypto should is able to give taxes...I don't think that would be a problem

VERY IMPORTANT message about #Bitcoin & #Bytecoin #BCN Read carefully & try to understand it perfectly Example, if bitcoin drops even to $8k or $6k levels, you do not panic sell any of your Bitcoin or Altcoins, because, when bitcoin is done with its downtrend, Altcoins will rise. And when Altcoins rise, your Bitcoin will get double/triple. This way you'll have more Bitcoins in coming weeks/months, Then again, Bitcoin price will Rise🚀 So you'll be in huge profits💰 Remember, Stock Trading and Crypto Trading should be done with INTELLIGENCE, Smart Mind, Wise Thinking and NOT with Emotions or Distress. We are bullish on Bitcoin & #Bytecoin #BCN and we are not selling any of our coins. Do not believe in Rumors. #NoPanicSell, #Hodl, #LoveBitcoin 💖 LongLive @CoinBusiness #LoveBytecoin #BCN Beware of MEDIA fud MEDIA always talk negative about Bitcoin for their own TRPs Forward this message to your friends and groups, Help spread the Genuine Knowledge & Understanding of Crypto.🚀😄 If you do not help crypto community who will ?

Congrats my friends, crypto market is now GREEN. buy #BCN 💖 #Bytecoin #HoldBCN @CoinBusiness

I can't login my cryptonator wallet. I have some bytecoin here ! Anybody know whar happen the server ?

Orginal Important Message about #Bitoin & #Bytecoin #BCN As you can see, bitcoin is at $7800 at this moment. it might go down and touch $7k or $6k, who knows. but until it it gets stabalize, the market will keep on falling. New money is not coming at this moment due to fud created by banks & media by mis-reporting, twisting facts. 📊📈📈 The moment bitcoin settle around $6k, $7k or $8k range, you'll see massive altcoins rally🚀. that is the time to watch out for and get your bitcoins double. After that altcoins season, Bitcoin will rise for sure. Have patience, do not sell in panic. loss is temporary and virtual if you hold. Loss is permanent if you sell. We are into altcoins trade and our coins are in loss at this moment, but we are not selling our #Bytecoin #BCN, because we have seen this kind of market crashes many times in our 7 years crypto trading and we know that selling in loss is a huge mistake. People who are new in crypto, are scare right now by seeing market downtrend. but this is actually a chance to earn more. If you have any btc left, make sure to buy some cheap altcoins when btc go down to 7k or 6k+ range. love #Bytecoin #BCN 💖 for more details, check 👉 @coinbusiness

Here is how we can improve the image of Bytecoin and invite new people to the world of cryptocurrencies. GIVE BYTES - a crowdfunding platform based on browser-mining and crypto donations. Help me kickstart this project and change the future of crowdfunding. Visit and support the development of new features so that anyone can start their campaign. Follow us on #GiveALittleByteOfLove x

It’s the same idea as Kickstarter or GoFundMe but for cryptos. And you can start supporting (a.k.a giving bytes) with just one click and start mining.

India planning to ban on bitcoin 😐 what abt nirav modi case...😡😡 Yahn koi gareeb 2 rupe kama rha h to inko saans nh aari...or kuch log crore mai ghotala kr dete h unki koi baat he ni krta... And we are always like.. proud to be indian 😄 I think if in future indian govmt ban on crypto...then india will bcome one of the stupidest country...wht uh say...regulation on bitcoin ???

It's just the awareness we need to create among the crypto beginners

Royal Ganesh
🙋‍♂ friends, am Ganesh from tamilnadu state of India, now I want BCN how to got it?

Buy bitcoin, ether, litecoin, dogecoin, ripple or any crypto from any indian or international exchange and sent it to Cryptonator and convert it to equivalent BCN's and finally send it to your BCN Wallet !

Koinex started voting system to list new coins if we post on Twitter with these hash tags #whatsnextonkoinex #koinex #letstradecrypto to list bytecoin on koinex

Денис М: 💢 Running orders with the addition of bytecoin to the stock exchange 💢 ❗️ Having an account on or does not matter, since the registration takes place without authorization on the exchange. The following step-by-step actions are described: ⏩ Click on the link: or Then fill in the following form: 1️⃣ Plan for placement ➖ free of charge (0.00 btc) ➕ Ability to advance faster ➖0.1 btc or 0.5 btc 2️⃣ Coin name ➖ Bytecoin 3️⃣ Ticker ➖ BCN 4️⃣ Algorithm ➖ CryptoNight 5️⃣ Number of blocks ➖ 1480499 6️⃣ Money supply ➖ 609 917 367 $ 7️⃣ Min. commission ➖ 0.1 8️⃣ Block time ➖ 120 seconds 9️⃣ Developer language ➖ C ++ 🔟 Type ➖ POW 1️⃣1️⃣ secp256k1 ver ➖ no 1️⃣2️⃣ Sources (Git) ➖ 1️⃣3️⃣ Explorer ➖ 1️⃣4️⃣ Theme on Bitcointalk ➖ 1️⃣5️⃣ Your E-mail ➖ Your e-mail or temporary e-mail 1️⃣6️⃣ Comments / Additional information ➖ Bytecoin (BCN) is the first crypto currency on the CryptoNote algorithm launched in July 2012. BCN protects your personal data with untracked and completely anonymous transactions, so it is rightly called the next generation of anonymous crypto currency. ▶ ️ Either any other comment that will be praised bytecoin 🔜 Values: the number of blocks and the money supply - change with time, but the main point is to indicate approximate numbers.

Bro prediction never come perfect in crypto

Ya all crypto is dependent on Bitcoin market

RBI needs to Revoke their decision of Crypto Trading Ban !!

Yup.. that's why we need to create this massive movement. Stupid RBI's decision is directly affecting all Crypto Traders, exchanges and whole blockchain industry in India.

How many trade cryptos for year successfully.

Hello. Is BCN listed on any indian crypto exchanges ?

Latest Crypto News @cryptopiaexperts

Afdi: AMA REPORT No 1- PRICE The price is a market driven mechanism. We only have control over our software, we have zero influence over the value of the market price. Binance never announces coin listings before the listing process. And they don't even inform the teams or the devs to avoid any market manipulation on the part of the teams No 2- BCN CARD For now we don’t have any progress on the Bytecoin debit card but this is one of our future goals we would like to implement for Bytecoin. We think it is one of the biggest options that will make Bytecoin more widely spread around the world and inside the crypto community. No 3- ROADMAP The current roadmap will be updated very soon, for other updates such as ICOs and other projects please stay tuned on our social networks to hear more. No 4- PARTNERSHIPS Some cool partnerships are on there way, Please stay tuned we will prepare to announce that info in more detail in the future. No 5- WEBWALLET ISSUES We are constantly working on the web wallet issues but we cannot close it for maintenance because many users use it and need access to their assets. However, the 2 main issues (2FA and refunds) are on their way to having a solution. We always recommend the desktop wallet as the safest way to store your coins but some users still prefer to the web wallet due to its convenience of not having to download the blockchain The web wallet is operating in its ordinary mode. Kindly clear your browser's cache to access it. And we will investigate if it's possible to implement a recovery key in our Web Wallet No 6-REFUND The reason it is taking longer the refunds is we work with a third party and we cannot deal with every issue each separate time. We have to collect all of them and then conduct the refund all at the same moment. No 7- END OF YEAR Until the end of the year we are willing to be listed on many major exchanges and increase the popularity of our coin to make it more usable and wide spread around the world. No 8- LEDGER Support Ledger Nano It is in our plans and we are working on that. However it is not in our nearest plan. No 9- MARKETS As of now we are talking to other exchanges in the Asian and Middle East Markets. The African Market is our main goal for the 3rd quarter. When we know more we will be happy to share it with the community. No 10 MASTER NODE The design of Bytecoin isn't about having a master node presence, but we're investigating the plans for incentive reward campaigns for the significant network actors. No 11 HARDFORK 1 Bytecoin Hardfork will Rescheduling, we need more time to investigate some additional technical aspects and change the order of the actions which need to be taken in the nearest time. 2 we’ve reviewed our plans and have decided to switch from a “cautiously optimistic” strategy to a “very accurate” one. This is a necessary measure to avoid any kind of drawbacks after the hardfork is released 3 The main purposes of the hardfork are to simplify the code, improve the P2P protocol, and introduce dynamic fees. 4 The hardfork doesn't have a direct influence on the value of the coin, but it's a major update of our codebase, which means that the whole crypto world will be monitoring the situation 5 you'll only have to be updated to the newest wallet version and import your saved *.wallet file when it's released For more details about rescheduling Yours truly, Jenny and the DevTeam
Petition Filed Against Reserve Bank of India for Crypto Ban in Supreme Court, This Time by Internet and Mobile Authority of India ( IAMAI )

I bought BCN @.00000085 when BTC was about 7500-7600. What should I do? Hold or shift to another Crypto?

Vimal Kumar
Bcn down why

i think because indian RBI new rule for crypto

zabpay and all other bank are stoped support to crypto market

@dashingCrypto, 📣 1 BCN is worth : 0.002726 USD (-2.22% 📉)

@dashingCrypto, Please use this command in private chat 😏

Register PIVOT to get BTC Bonus:PIVOT is a community for cryptocurrency investors.

Register PIVOT to get BTC Bonus:PIVOT is a community for cryptocurrency investors.

People scare now to buy anymore in bitcoin or byte Coins . Crypto currency sucks people money 💰

CryptoManiac: I had many bcn coins at Binance now it's not showing any coins. Now how to retrieve these coins please anyone enlighten me.

I have created indian largest community telegram free crypto whales channel.Now time for United together After join this channel Please invite your 100 friends Our vision to make largest indian crypto community telegram channel
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Kab tak badhega

Time toh lagega but it’s crypto so h never know

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