Install desktop wallet conecting to one of the nodes . Using this method you dont need to download the blockchain

OfficialBytecoin status❕ ------------------------------------------------- Wallets Webwallet : ✅ Desktop wallet : ⚠️ : Some users are not able to sync the wallet by using a node. Downloading the blockchain can fix this. Exchanges poloniex : ⚠️ : Buy&Sell works. Deposit/Withdrawal temporarly disabled. Official Statement: "BCN is currently under maintenance or experiencing wallet/network issues. Deposits and withdrawals will remain disabled until a solution is found, which may require an update from the BCN team. Any updates must be tested and audited before enabling." stocks. exchange : ✅ hitbtc : ✅ cryptonator : ✅: For users: Buying for fiat works. Deposit and Withdraw works! ❌: For business: The payment system does not work BCN (Error "Service temporarily unavailable") changelly : ❌ : Official Statement: "Bytecoin is currently having issues with transactions sending. We will re-send all the transactions stuck this way in the nearest time. Please don’t worry. Hope for your understanding."; "BCN currently has some issues on Changelly. We'll bring it back, once transaction backlogs are eliminated" Pools : ✅ : ✅ : ✅ --------------------------------------------------- If you have a problem with a service (wallet, exchange..) please contact @BCN_official or any community admin

So what are some of the top cryptocurrencies to look out for in 2018? I encourage people interested to do your research, but here are 5 projects that I think have a lot of potential : 1. Skycoin, which has the ability to give each company or application their own blockchain, helping to combat high traffic and loading times with no transaction fees. 2. Xaurum, the only cryptocurrency backed by gold, which provides intrinsic value and makes growth much more secure with less volatility. 3. Stratis, a blockchain development platform that allows people to create custom uses for blockchains that haven’t even been thought of yet. 4. Shift, another alternative blockchain that includes peer-to-peer storage, an uncensorable internet, and seamless monetization removing the need for third parties like Facebook or Youtube for content creators. 5. Then there’s DOVU, which is embracing the emerging smart car industry where cars are predicted to generate up to 25GB of data per hour. With DOVU you can manage and sell your car’s data at your discretion in exchange for tokens. Credit : Forbes

Hi everyone, I want to share some informations will be good for mining: List of recommanded Wallet: Cryptonator - Work very good (minimium payout required 10 BCN for receive them) Freewallet - Work good Official Bytecoin Android Wallet - Work good List of not recommanded Wallet: Official Web Wallet ( - some peoples seems to don't receive every transactions, this wallet seems unstable for the moment. Official Desktop Wallet - don't receive every transactions with remode node, the only way is to use Auto Selection for sync with the whole blockchain and use "Reset Wallet" function for retrieve them back. Poloniex - not receive transaction at 100%, the pool can't know your Payment ID. Good mining :)
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huhuhu nak beli bcn dr web wallet kena guna wallet blockchain btc bukan transfer dr exchange

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AMA REPORT No 1- PRICE The price is a market driven mechanism. We only have control over our software, we have zero influence over the value of the market price. Binance never announces coin listings before the listing process. And they don't even inform the teams or the devs to avoid any market manipulation on the part of the teams No 2- BCN CARD For now we don’t have any progress on the Bytecoin debit card but this is one of our future goals we would like to implement for Bytecoin. We think it is one of the biggest options that will make Bytecoin more widely spread around the world and inside the crypto community. No 3- ROADMAP The current roadmap will be updated very soon, for other updates such as ICOs and other projects please stay tuned on our social networks to hear more. No 4- PARTNERSHIPS Some cool partnerships are on there way, Please stay tuned we will prepare to announce that info in more detail in the future. No 5- WEBWALLET ISSUES We are constantly working on the web wallet issues but we cannot close it for maintenance because many users use it and need access to their assets. However, the 2 main issues (2FA and refunds) are on their way to having a solution. We always recommend the desktop wallet as the safest way to store your coins but some users still prefer to the web wallet due to its convenience of not having to download the blockchain The web wallet is operating in its ordinary mode. Kindly clear your browser's cache to access it. And we will investigate if it's possible to implement a recovery key in our Web Wallet No 6-REFUND The reason it is taking longer the refunds is we work with a third party and we cannot deal with every issue each separate time. We have to collect all of them and then conduct the refund all at the same moment. No 7- END OF YEAR Until the end of the year we are willing to be listed on many major exchanges and increase the popularity of our coin to make it more usable and wide spread around the world. No 8- LEDGER Support Ledger Nano It is in our plans and we are working on that. However it is not in our nearest plan. No 9- MARKETS As of now we are talking to other exchanges in the Asian and Middle East Markets. The African Market is our main goal for the 3rd quarter. When we know more we will be happy to share it with the community. No 10 MASTER NODE The design of Bytecoin isn't about having a master node presence, but we're investigating the plans for incentive reward campaigns for the significant network actors. No 11 HARDFORK 1 Bytecoin Hardfork will Rescheduling, we need more time to investigate some additional technical aspects and change the order of the actions which need to be taken in the nearest time. 2 we’ve reviewed our plans and have decided to switch from a “cautiously optimistic” strategy to a “very accurate” one. This is a necessary measure to avoid any kind of drawbacks after the hardfork is released 3 The main purposes of the hardfork are to simplify the code, improve the P2P protocol, and introduce dynamic fees. 4 The hardfork doesn't have a direct influence on the value of the coin, but it's a major update of our codebase, which means that the whole crypto world will be monitoring the situation 5 you'll only have to be updated to the newest wallet version and import your saved *.wallet file when it's released For more details about rescheduling Yours truly, Jenny and the DevTeam
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kumpul bitcoin,simpn dlm blockchain..pastu hold je la ctu