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good news

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​​​​Bytecoin confirmed title of the most secure cryptocurrency: global software update, security update, and new API 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇
​​New era of cryptocurrency began... It will not be long before you see that the World needs an updated financial system - Bytecoin is our choice !!!
​​This ancient giant slept soundly almost from the moment of creation. He can compete in antiquity with the most successful coins in the battle for a crypto-currency trone. His offspring are numerous, many of them have reached impressive heights. But he slept, he slept for so long that people have forgotten who he is and what power he possesses. A living legend. The father of all cryptonote currencies. The time has come! The titan has awakened, he is ready to rise and claim his rights to world domination. It is time to support him, because Bytecoin is graceful to his followers, and the most faithful will be rewarded generously. Make your own decision - to stay in the ruins of the old world or to go into a new world, a world of completely anonymous transactions...