hey guys how is everything going

You seeing these prices?

I looked at the available coins though they are a lot of them like 100000000000

Hello? Any insight?

Awesome I mean I definetly believe it has potential. Why do they have so many total supply though?

I guess that's not really a question you guys can answer either way I'm positive about it what can we do to help promote it? Is it going to be on exodus soon?

Where can I find this stuff out

Need enable polonix

Do you guys already saw the announcement on the forum today?

Is an announcement from official bcn comunity manager

Gonna go check it out now

No problem 👍

if your not mining here is a place to start

Welcome everyone awesome news bytecoin will be trying to get on to bittrex. No info yet I'll post when I see something

I just send request form to bittrex wo add bytecoin

I should maybe follow up and do the same the more people to ask the more they will feel the need to get it done

Just request as costumer

help me vote to make wallet on ios

I will vote if they can fix the 7hr chart and show correct pricing

Y'all have a great group

I will like bcn should have smart contact

There's someone in the forum already working on that

Even monero copy us we need to more value

Why people like to say price in 0.000017

What else do you guys think BCN needs in order to be used more? What does monero or ether have that BCN dont? Lets share ideas

What services, what software

Why they don't say 170 bcn

This is world scale soloution

Monero more marketing more than bcn