111 698 370 BCN left to mine

111 684 310 BCN left to mine

then we gone see samthing in to the market ☺️

Robert Leroux
My guess will be this April or May 2020

the market is not moving at all they need to do samthing about it to attract more clients

No - it takes much longer than that

It's more than 10 years

Because the emission rate is NOT linear

1 bytecoin is divided into 100 000 000 parts. It’s difficult to say how much longer mining will last, but it’s obvious that we are talking about decades

111 658 750 BCN left to mine

Super Duty (BNB Angel) 🦅
what about the price

No one knows. I only know Bitcoin was less than $1

No one knows. I only know Bitcoin was less than $1

will see whats happen in thouse few days hope to see a move or a green line in the shart I realy like bcn sience 2015

I say this spring but I'm wrong

When the bull market is back, we will be very happy

But no one knows when it comes!

It could be next month, or next year, or next decade

Strong hands win the market

2016 = 215s 2017= 254s 2018 = 204s 2019=14s 2020= ?

When bcn equal dollar

I whaiting to see 2020 what can do for bcn

Where can I stake bcn

I d ont know where to stake bcn but for me I keep in my poloniex wallet its just a safe way ☺️

Where to buy BCN with Master Card?

Art Mik
Where to buy BCN with Master Card?

you can buy bcn only with alt coins and btc from exchanges web site

Super Duty (BNB Angel) 🦅
contact me

Binance angels selling the remnants of the BCN?- Hey, pss, kid, I have the remnants of the BCN after the pump and the dump, do you need it?(This is a joke)😂

We gladly do without Binance and its fake dex

We gladly do without Binance and its fake dex

it's not in my hands and I have no Income in this but it must be Government-recognized

to avoid any complication in the future

I think that bcn is working on this and try to be legal

I see a good news and they update us they are working for ...

Bcn is as illegal as fiat, weapons, medicines or chemical compounds etc ... it's all in the use that is made of it! Bcn was born as anonymous crypto and that must guarantee, if I want to buy drugs to not let anyone know or if I want to accumulate value without being to let people know it's my business or who uses it.