Sure. It's called freedom

Sure. It's called freedom

I understand but for such platform as binance will be afraid to Interfering in illegal matters

The only thing seen by Binance was ruthless manipulation that created disinterest in the project with all that entails

Bcn was born many years before Binance and it is well known in which field the Binance team that approved the listing operates, was fully aware of it ... as it was of the price, that is a handful of sat and not a few thousand .....

I am one of my biggest followers of bcn sience 2015 I m holding and always keep track of it I wish the project all the best really But from the point of view binanace or any other platform wants the best for her own good I respect all opinions and hope to see bcn as one of the top list coins so thats all I can say for now Im a big fun

will see what do you have in store for us in the coming days?

what do you mean?

I mean that in these few days will see something good in the market about bcn I think so we wait and see that's all brother

Patience has always been the key to success

Super Duty (BNB Angel) 🦅

ther is no news about it on bcn oficiel chanel so could no be true or a sc.. page

so wich wallet we use for this give a way

we let our funds on poloniex ?

Master Cyber
Details are not enough yet

add me my friend is ther any update we let each other now about ok ?

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your keys, your Bytecoin.

1BCN = 0.00000003495 BTC

111 463 413 BCN left to mine

111 409 425 BCN left to mine

111 316 815 BCN left to mine

Hi @jamesrobert5, please send the solution to the arithmetic operation provided within 60 sec, otherwise you will be kicked. Thank you! (5 + 10)

do you have a BCN group in Portuguese language?

111 268 841 BCN left to mine