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1BCN = $0.000270228

1BCN = 0.00000003300 BTC

How much time does it takes to transfer BCN from official BCN Android wallet to Poloniex?

And have a Nice day!

111 119 956 BCN left to mine

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Does the bytecoin team know that , bytecoin is monero’s dad. Monero came from bytecoin

Bcn the OG privacy coin

I'm pretty sure everyone in Bytecoin Team knows that. 😎

I just reminded the guys from monero and they reject bytecoin as the father

The bytecoin family tree*dv81oll0svPUsEJVsHeUtw.png

Yeah, Bytecoin is the OLDEST privacy coin out there

Privacy coin didn't exist before Bytecoin

Bytecoin founded privacy

Like bitcoin founded blockchain

Like ray krock founded McDonald’s

Like Steve Jobs found apple
Created in 2012, Bytecoin is one of the earliest developed cryptocurrencies. Until recently, the team behind the coin has kept themselves anonymous. Now, though, they’ve opened up multiple communication channels, removed some layers of anonymity, and even built several local communities.The coin has a deep history with Monero, another popular privacy coin and fork of Bytecoin.

When you check out Bytecoin announcement thread on, you will learn more about it

111 003 024 BCN left to mine

Jiab Abdallah
Its take 3 mints

Its almoust 24h since i transfered BCN to Poloniex

Art Mik

Ok it look goodWhere is your location Out of USA

Europe-Baltic States

Art Mik
Europe-Baltic States

OkLast time I have sent bcn to Poloniex was month agoJust wait and check if they have maintenance

110 948 837 BCN left to mine

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