When all bcn is mined, who runs the bcn blockchain?

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that`s how blockchain works,if you dont like jokes , and don`t wanna have blockchain copy, you can sync it without downloading

BTC blockchain is 242GB now, so how do you like this joke ?: )

but BCN is not erc20 token, so we can`t work on ethereum blockchain .and as I know currently team is freezed their Bytecoin Blockchain => Ethereum ERC20 Token gateway project

and open.BTC and Bridge.BTC is sidechains ? BTC on bitshare blockchain backed by real BTC that hold some guys?

@BCN_Official It`s would be nice to have encrypted messaging in BCN blockchain

Than I have 20years of blockchain expertise and a Phd. From Bytecoin 😂🤣

The blockchain at the bottom don't synchronise

Dear admins,Why BCN desktop wallet installation take too much time?

You can download blockchain seperatly then it will take 1 hour to download

yes but id ont want to download entire blockchain on my pc

it should be "walletdParams": "\"--data-folder=D:\\CRYPTO\\Bytecoin (BCN)\\BytecoinBlockchain\"" as an example

original line in parameter should be "--data-folder=D:\CRYPTO\Bytecoin (BCN)\BytecoinBlockchain", obviously it would change depending on individual needs

why is Official Web Wallet - not recommended ?

because its custodial, and you cant access your funds sometime because of IP ban or service issues.with private key you can access your wallet from anywhere, because you connect directly to blockchain

So can you try to download blockchain seperatly?

seems stuck on: 12:54:24 I BlockChainState height=1908294 bid=5039b49a7058e84dbaf7b1e5d6983013b1790034bf40fae939fbde9f9a52abbd cumulative_difficulty=21558378688757912

i'm using wallet 3.5.1 and haven't synced in a while. appears to be stuck at 0 peers connected, "disconnected" anything i could do to fix this?

Let it sync for awhile it will connect with peers and update blockchain. For me it takes 10 to 20 minutes. Also it depends how fast is your cpu.

yes, now its dead

Blockchain works, price is not zero, what kind of death do you write about? Lol

Died. I bought BCN when it was 0.002 USD now it costs nothing almost

Stop FUD. Price fell, but did not reach zero, blockchain works. Investment risks have not been canceled.

Project Update from the Bytecoin TeamDecember 17, 2019Dear Bytecoin community,We have been receiving some inquiries regarding BCN and its activity. Today, we want to address some of our users’ concerns. First of all, let us refer you to our previous blog posts regarding the Bytecoin Zero release and the update to our 2019 roadmap. The milestones that have been outlined for this year have yet to be implemented, however, they have not been scratched from the general plan completely. Instead, they have been postponed as more effort is being channeled into the technological growth of the platform.In addition to working on our recent releases, we have also been studying the market and analyzing technology we think may be of use to us. It is not reasonable to rush our roadmap as the entire industry, and especially the crypto segment, has been changing and developing fast. The market is visibly shifting towards DEXes with the blockchain sector becoming more and more regulated. This is why a more concrete long-term plan needs to be figured out for Bytecoin.Read more

How can I change blockchain location?

We are proud to announce the listing of @Bytecoin_BCN on @AtomarsExchange on 23/12/19. BCN deposits & trading will be effective at 18:00 (UTC +7). Supported pairs will be BCN/BTC & BCN/ETH.#Atomars #Exchange #Cryptocurrency #Bytecoin #BCN #Bitcoin #BTC #Ethereum #ETH #Blockchain

Like bitcoin founded blockchain

🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 100,000,000,000 USDT ($100,303,640,000) transfered from Unknown to UnknownBlockchain: Bitcoin2 minutes agoTX - link
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