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Dear Community! It's time to unite and start the campaign for getting unblocked on Poloniex one more time! Here's a list of things that everyone has to do: 1. Go to the Poloniex site and start creating tickets. Here's a link for submitting a ticket to Poloniex support - and/or 2. Drop an email with the request to unblock BCN to these emails - [email protected] and [email protected] 3. (Advanced). The best way to reach Poloniex is to write to a personal manager. In case you've got one, please, do it immediately. The user who will be able to unblock us on Polo will be rewarded with a special gift. 4. Make as many tweets and replies to the @Poloniex account as you can The main idea which has to be mentioned in the message is that Bytecoin is one of the oldest coins ever listed on Poloniex. At the very beginning of 2018 Bytecoin had USD 40+ million daily trading volume on Poloniex. The whole community is willing to trade there, and we're able to provide the Poloniex team with all of the details regarding the integration with the new software versions available here: as well as the wiki for the integration *Tip: earlier Poloniex had a priority support for the disabled/frozen/lost 2FA accounts. Try to make 2 tickets - with general problem and the priority one. The Bytecoin community has proven to be one of the strongest and most reliable in the crypto world. It’s our common goal to increase the trading volume and involve more people in the BCN ecosystem. Let's do it one more time! Yours truly, The Bytecoin Team

Dear Community! We are happy to announce that our Dev Team and Korean Community are going to launch an AMA for our South Korean Users on August 26th! Stay tuned for further details! #Bytecoin #Cryptocurrency #BCN #AMA #Korea #바이트코인

Serdeczna prośba o zagłosowanie na mój projekt: —— Fellow Bytecoiners! Let's help @GiveBytes win the Virgin Media startup competition and vote on this project on Give Bytes is a true game changer in crowdfunding. It’s the first platform that allows anyone with a computer to contribute to a crowdfunding campaign without spending money. Thanks to Blockchain technology and the process of browser-mining any person in the world with access to online computer can chip in. The donated processing power is used to mine cryptocurrency which is then converted to traditional money and transferred to the fundraiser. This disrupts the current status quo, where only wealthy compassionate people can help others. The Give Bytes project is also enabling transparent corporate social responsibility (CSR) where in exchange for logo placement sponsors will be able to match the computing power generated by all campaign supporters so that the fundraiser receives even more. This way it's a 3 x WIN situation for the fundraiser (the campaign receives even more), the supporters (their donations for the campaign they are supporting are increased) and the sponsor (they're sponsorship is visible to everyone who is mining for this campaign). It's a noble idea and it promotes Bytecoin so it will definitely help us moon very soon! Let's show the power of this community and win this competition! —- Dzięki! 🙏🏻😌

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Więc ten coin to być albo nie być świata crypto. Jeśli będzie działać przy całkowitym wydobyciu i to sprawnie w miarę to bcn może okazać się bardzo pożądana kryptowaluta.

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Ciekaw jestem ilu z naszych posłów weszło w świat crypto 🥃💥Welcome back $BCN ! We, at, are proud to announce the return of #Bytecoin in our crypto exchange 😍 To start trading #BCN today, visit https://[email protected][email protected]_dev

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