dänkt do mos no e schwizer groppe äne. mou luege öb öpper dezue chond

Hello, i speak little English and no deutsh 😓

And you where do you from ?

je viens du luzern

Luzern è une città molto bella

To become an admin you have made a resumes to BCN official ?

i was just a very acticve user and supported system96 by answerig a lot of questions

What type of question ?

then i contaced system if he would like when i support him as an admin

then i contacted bcn official with systems good words :)

You are programmer ?

noup. system engineer

i'm not a programmer

but i like to ask the devs for new feautres if i see something :D

Yes me to, but for the web wallet we have no much information..

heard from bcn official that it will be back in probably 12h

I hope that by the end of the week it will be ok

i'm pretty sure it will

mou luege wevell mer so änebrengid

Joa... mal luege

de kim esch ou do :P

Klar, dr grösht bitcoin chlauer

warschinli erfender :P

hahaha, liebe die stickers eifach

bruche telegram no ni so lang, ish fash wie discord gueti sach

has ou nor wäg bytecoin installiert gha

aber esch no easy vör so grossi groppene