如果跟Changlly比的話 Cryptonator可以轉更小額度 而且還不用上鏈 不知道其它HiBTC轉換額度是怎麼樣 本身沒有用過交易所

Samsung 那是在做 Bicoin ASIC 吧。而且我的意思是之後就算有新的 CryptoNight 礦機也是來挖 CNV7 阿,那這個幣不就變成讓舊機回收成本用的

大概還要過一兩天吧,cryptonator 發twitter說BCN這次網路問題更新後,他們那端還需要多做一些測試,還需要一兩天,所以我猜其他交易所或錢包大概也這樣

cryptonator 跟freewallet好像可以了,我剛剛試了,還在傳送中



whopper crypto 再投票要接收哪種幣

從桌面錢包時就可以略知大概,XMR雖然是使用Cryptonote,但是私鑰的組合確是25個英文單字隨機組合的。 反之BCN私鑰長度的排列組合是26(英文)*10(數字),而且私鑰長度比XMR更長,組合所產生的安全性也就更好囉!

其他的幣種安全性不用再說了吧?感覺目前沒有其他算法,安全性做得比Cryptonoto還強的。 XRP只有速度上取勝吧?如果你在意的是速度,而非安全性或許你可以考慮投資看看。

Pavlo: The 6th Anniversary Bytecoin Quiz Hello Bytecoiners! We wish to congratulate the whole community on this most joyous occasion. 6 years of Bytecoin, 6 years of privacy, and 6 years of being the most advanced coin on the crypto market. Today we celebrate our birth, our independence from the financial system. 6 years ago today our founders launched a project that changed the face of the crypto world. To help celebrate this day the Bytecoin Team has prepared a quiz with a list of questions. The questions consist of different things, Bytecoin’s history, aspects of our code, etc. and we thought this would be a fun way for our community to educate themselves. The rules are as follows: Every user can take the quiz only once You must have a gmail account to take the quiz Users will be randomly chosen from the winners. Any user that completes 9 questions correctly may receive a small prize Any user that completes 14 questions correctly may receive a medium prize Any user that completes all 19 questions correctly may receive a big prize We hope our community enjoys this quiz and may the best Bytecoiner win! It has been an energetic and enjoyable time for us and we hope the next 6 year will be even better. All the best, Jenny and the Dev Team