Namaste, can you be admin here ?)

cool trader coming )

So all the when moon and pump and dump here

Well I'm not really a trader but I may come here time to time to be entertained

Hahaha yes really this group will be interesting hahaaha

We are at the bottom now

@Separi88 spam here is also not allowed )

do just Civil Conversation

Need more BTC volume and investors to come in

We need too that BTC volume raises to get more BTC to the market and those BTC will go towards altcoins and that btc flow we have to try direct towarda BCN ;)

What will raise BCN price

everybody could try to Invite more people over here...Thats could be a start :D

Or to the main channel

Building awarness

16people allready🍻

Young croup full of future miljonares ;D

Ready for new bullrun

Cannot send pictures

Even news starts to be bullish towards btc

Now you have to unjoin from the other channel😉😏

well not sure what to do here

will just stay anh give a try

This channel is basically for those whom was to talk about BCN mooning, TA, trading and related. The other channel more for community involvement, bcn education on technology and the like

so we about to moon now😂

In near future ;)

Have to get out of these side markets

People need to get trust back to btc

Then BCN will moon too ;)

i want ppl to lay trust on bcn more than btc

Bytecoin (BCN) price, charts, market cap, and other metrics | CoinMarketCap

gonna sit here and sold some pizza fot bcn

Bytecoin is a old coin...Just turned 6years =)

would you like to order 3000bcn for handmade pizza 😄

Total Supply 183 890 481 254BCN Max Supply 184 470 000 000BCN

All the coins are allmost in circulation allready

Then you cannot get there anywhere else than tradeing or makeing pizzas ;D

Specialy hand made pizzas :D

We have to see how the hard fork will go at 10july