This Scan coin finally goes down in cmc

And will end in Page 10

And ist only in cmc top 100 cause of this ridiclious high supply

Only Idioten buy this coin sorry

To make fun of stupid ppl

kim steven teichmann
Only Idioten buy this coin sorry

I’m almost 2x of my initial investment Thanks for BTC and I’m glad to be idiot and to have btc in my wallet

That main group is improving every day. Good effort to make it a community driven coin 😂

Total BCN Market Capitalization $149 364 057

Hello, it`s @pavlowdI made Arbitrage Signals bot, so I am inviting you to try it. @arbitrade_signalbotDiscussions here @arbitrade_chat= = = By the way Bytecoin released Gateway with Ethereum network.So we have ERC20 BCN Token nowMore details here you for attention. 😉Stack sats, buy more Bitcoin Only bitcoin will survive in the future.

When 0.2 usd = 1 bcn?

I bought at that price

Please unban me from Bytecoin group

It seems that rocket is preparing for launch🙂

1BCN = 0.00000006 BTC

What do yo expect from the Bytecoin gateway of erc20

A high price or such a shame

Can anyone unban me

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DAM! finally actually is up getting rich right now