If you previously used bot in pm

Try "/help addmerchant"

I write commandAnd telegram change my writer

Try "/help addmerchant"

Thank you. Merchant is on moderation.

Luka 2th floor
Thank you

but field titles is not needed, next time just type values

I`ll come to you for coffee, on my aroundtheworld trip ;)


The location are wrong, how i can modify?The coffe or ice cream you can buy eith BCN in Panamà, not sry lanka

give me location

I`ll fix it manually

give me location :)

La Chorrera, Market Plaza, Costa Verde, Panamá,


I need just 2 strings

I see mistake, will try to fix

below is right numbers

8.888975, -79.748931

Try this8.8889755,-79.7489314


I have bcn on poloniex, should i move to another exchange

Bytecoin Exchanges List:Poloniex - scam exchangeHitBTCCryptonator - dead support / deposit funds on your own riskStocks.ExchangeCrex24 - dead support / deposit funds on your own riskGate.ioBitexbookCoinDealBytecoins.World

Bytecoin Exchanges List:PoloniexHitBTCCryptonatorStocks.ExchangeCrex24Gate.ioBitexbookCoinDealBytecoins.WorldDont hold funds on exchanges, its not secure and you can lost your money.Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins

Secure coin place

hey guys, i'm selling my little wallet of 6579 BCNs.. does someone wanna buy?

hello developers, if you're alive, hit a shot