Hardfork just means change of blockchain. That will enable child chains in the future but the blockchain itself has not much to do with price, except maybe some hype so be ready to put your stop losses. Any big increase, if any, will be followed by big decrease too.

Phuoc Anh
Wait until testnet and hardfork price will definitely jump

Testnet will allow companies interested in child chains to test the API and the block chain. Not much price movement either I think. As for the "hardfork" it's a fancy name but just an upgrade of the blockchain code. I'm not sure about the details but child chains may be possible after that. So possibly the price will increase then as BCN holders may be admissible to airdrops for future child chains and child chains will probably need to buy BCN to have access and/or to pay fiat that the asociation can use to rebuy BCNs.

Bitcoin Price is on the Brink of Going Even Higher, Says Blockchain Venture Capitalist As Bitcoin continues to hold steady above $8,000, Spencer Bogart predicts that the price rally is nowhere near finished. The blockchain venture... Osato Avan-Nomayo

Blockchain is making a lot of banking businesses obsolete. they will fight, but they will lose. You cannot stop inovation. Satoshi is a genious.

When BTC reaches 1M we will surely need those decimals. Problem is the blockchain doesn't allow for that, only greedy exchanges

BCN is its own protocol which means it's own blockchain and was the first privacy had a hardfork and Monero branched off its blockchain.......protocol coins are typically generally very successful coins through crypto history.......having said that BCN was left in the shadows by Monero........but now is making a strong comeback.......

Now main task for dev is to make blockchain stablr

But if you want to know, there will be a test version of the new blockchain for those who want to test its new functionalities

Hard for is only softfork? Or divide blockchain?

Btc is corrupt by Goverment and Wallstreet ! Go away from this 💩 we need privacy in Future and no Public Blockchain !!!

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I switched my bcn for npxs (Deal with dubai goverment)
Same✌️😇 ⚡️🔜🐃⚡️“This partnership brings world-leading, blockchain-based XPOS technology into a public sector environment for the first time and is the company's first deployment in the Middle East region.”