Didn't you check Coinbase roadmap ?

My Coinbase doesn’t allow me to view additional assets on my iPhone. How were you guys able to view other assets (such as bcn)?
Nicolas Roussel
What is it about

Probably next year bytecoin as wallet available on Coinbase

Parel Singh
Lol who

Whoever created that fake trading coinbase video of them using features that no one has but them

Parel Singh
You will see it for yourself

Already done that, either it's fake, not available in my country, or coinbase rolling it out in small stages but then you have to ask why isn't this information found on their blog or any other news site? If it is true, clearly it isn't newsworthy to have access to a wallet that doesn't work on most exchanges. Only benefit is when available if it's not fake is that coinbase is more trustworthy than binance and other exchanges

+ a Coinbase wallet would completely go against the nature of Bytecoin right, anonymity and stuff..

I was thinking the same thing, coinbase reports all large transactions deposits to the IRS, trust me, why wouldn't they report a BCN deposit which will be associated with your real identify to the IRS? People aren't thinking, it completely goes against the basic principles of BCN