Bytecoin Exchanges List:PoloniexHitBTCCryptonatorStocks.ExchangeCrex24Gate.ioBitexbookCoinDealExchange.Bytecoins.World (Visa/MC to BCN)
Bytecoin Exchanges List:PoloniexHitBTCCryptonatorStocks.ExchangeCrex24 - scam exchange, deposit funds on your own riskGate.ioBitexbookCoinDealExchange.Bytecoins.World (Visa/MC to BCN)

I know he will get involved in crypto

Bytecoin Exchanges List:Poloniex - scam exchangeHitBTCCryptonator - dead support / deposit funds on your own riskStocks.ExchangeCrex24 - dead support / deposit funds on your own riskGate.ioBitexbookCoinDealBytecoins.World

Bytecoin Exchanges List:PoloniexHitBTCCryptonatorStocks.ExchangeCrex24Gate.ioBitexbookCoinDealBytecoins.WorldDont hold funds on exchanges, its not secure and you can lost your money.Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins