Use /subscribe <symbol> to subscribe to a currency 😉 (try /subscribe BTC)

Use /subscribe <symbol> to subscribe to a currency 😉 (try /subscribe BTC)

It's interesting to see where we're coming from. If you have a decentralized cryptocurrency with a founder that disappeared you can never get listed on exchanges. This isn't just for Binance, this is pretty much for any exchange now.
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Abhi Rocks
What is the exact bottom its getting down and down

I don't believe this is a relevant question. It doesn't really matter how low it goes. The important is that it doesn't go much lower than your reference currency. What you do meanwhile will affect your capital too. If you are a hodler, then just hodl and come back once a month to check.

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I do not have much hope in this currency

Crypto c Man
Yes i think there is more if you are not hodler bloody month

We can't yet say if this is the end of cryptocurrency or just a start. Governments trying to kill it but future always finds it way. It's not just about money, and I'm really interested to see where it goes (pissing my pants already btw )

This bloody marketing manipulation is killing cryptocurrency market. But nothing is forever

Lol the banks shut down crypto hard already. After they decided to not allow crypto to be bought with credit cards it dampened consumer ability to buy in.

I would have to disagree with you about the bank shutting down cryto, I do think they applied an temporary blow to cryto with the bank and credit card companies help but at the same time depositing your funds from cryto profits into a bank account is against the ideology of cryto as a currency. I've been in engineering and technology for over 20 years and seen technology experts scientists overcome things now we never thought possible. Just give it some time

Sorry mates, that have to be the stupidest thing ever. It defeats the purpose of digital currency. Hope their not investing too much time in that instead of improving the reliability of the network

Shon Gee
I haven't been everywhere but I can agree with your perspective

Remove the darn governments. Remove their currency and they'll lose their authority 😂

1$ is real?

Well I heard there is a big country in the new world who use that as a currency

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LMFAO, then I want no parts of the currency

“There’s just so much more behind this new wave of technology and innovation that I’m sure will take over our society in due time...” #BTFD #HODL
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Donjay Nalaunan
Hahah maybe if etf approve

ETF isn't important for cryptocurrency I think it's game that change price to buy more🤷‍♂

I switched my bcn for npxs (Deal with dubai goverment)
Same✌️😇 ⚡️🔜🐃⚡️“This partnership brings world-leading, blockchain-based XPOS technology into a public sector environment for the first time and is the company's first deployment in the Middle East region.”

Cryptocurrency is still a relatively new thing so some areas are still being explored but there are many successes to be gained from keeping your coins

like disallowance bitcoin and other cryptocurrency in the USA, and EU ? because of 11 sept ? :)then I would like buy bcn at 0.4 sat :)))