I'm confused, whether it remains in binance or move it now

At least we're successful at something

Why not buy something other than ... cough.. this!

Ras Norjulemy Tafari
I tried to transfer it out of the exchange. When i tried to send it to the listed adress which i can see @ the top off the gui i get the message wrong adress from the exchange

Perhaps you've got an Amethyst wallet and the exchange is not ready to work with these wallets. Try to create a legacy wallet and send your coins there

Risc 6k
I didn’t u sheethead

I did not ask your father name (sheethead) and no one is interested in adding you I.diot just, ducking leave the group. Get l o .st

Mr. Good
You've been telling that BCN is traceable, I've asked you to prove it, and you've said that I must prove that it is untraceable. After that you was banned because I don't want to spend my time and others time on such discussions without sense, because the math is already proving it. And also I don't want to spend my time on you here anymore.

I gave a reaction on someone else that said BCN is untraceable. But unfortunately it is traceable. It's not something I made up. And I rather have it be untraceable. But then you reacted to my message that I had to prove it. I said I can't because I don't have the resources. And then you banned me.

I will. Can you unban me in the meantime?

Done, please behave good, if you want to post something bad about BCN - prepare proofs

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helloam I late, for the latest info or an extraordinary exchange ..I see CMC still sameThank you

Hold on...u gonna see something big will uncle is billionaire...he can buy more

Biggest bcn exchange nowadays (Poloniex) traded only 1 bitcoin in the last 24h. This is absolutely the same as saying bcn is not being traded anymore. The end.

You know what, there is an old (approx. 2014) message in a bitcointalk's thread about Bytecoin where one donkey writes something like "Is Bytecoin not dead yet? How can it have a capitalization of 3 millions USD? It's impossible". And when I read your messages, I think, maybe it was you?:)