I think we should stop blaming "whales" for the poor performance of the coin

Why is it a low performance coin? Oh I get it, bc it is around its lowest values... Almost every coin swing up and down. So Ethereum was a low performance coin when it was under $1 and now that it is over $400 is a high performance one? Your meaning for performance is value around ATH? You will be sad with every other coin then.

Bitcoin Price is on the Brink of Going Even Higher, Says Blockchain Venture Capitalist As Bitcoin continues to hold steady above $8,000, Spencer Bogart predicts that the price rally is nowhere near finished. The blockchain venture... Osato Avan-Nomayo

Was looking bullish for a climb before but looks like someone is keen to see it go lower the support is 7600, but as we've gone lower we can either recover from here or worse case back to 7250-7400...... Once we hit bottom I'd expect some sideways action then alts should start to recover.......then we should see BTC gradually making its next move up Ethereum is starting to look ready to move which would be the final confirmation for alts to make their moves.......

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