I think we should stop blaming "whales" for the poor performance of the coin

Why is it a low performance coin? Oh I get it, bc it is around its lowest values... Almost every coin swing up and down. So Ethereum was a low performance coin when it was under $1 and now that it is over $400 is a high performance one? Your meaning for performance is value around ATH? You will be sad with every other coin then.

I expect price will jump

Not really. It's a soft release that will reduce the possibility of transactions ending in orphan blocks by lengthening the queue. I don't think it will affect the price.

I have a nice place in queue at 41 buy wall and I will hold it for now

Asia slept, middle east,europe and africa slept

Bitcoin Price is on the Brink of Going Even Higher, Says Blockchain Venture Capitalist As Bitcoin continues to hold steady above $8,000, Spencer Bogart predicts that the price rally is nowhere near finished. The blockchain venture... Osato Avan-Nomayo

I think it's important in these ranges to keep your strategy and not changing your orders or you always end up at the end of the queue and your orders never fill.

Open contest: how much BCN will close (in SATs) on Aug 3? Open up to July 31st close. 1000 BCN to win! Binance will prevail. GMT+8 Only one try per person. Check your entry at

I think it's not teue

I bought for €8000 euro

Was looking bullish for a climb before but looks like someone is keen to see it go lower the support is 7600, but as we've gone lower we can either recover from here or worse case back to 7250-7400...... Once we hit bottom I'd expect some sideways action then alts should start to recover.......then we should see BTC gradually making its next move up Ethereum is starting to look ready to move which would be the final confirmation for alts to make their moves.......

however the whales that are maneuvering the game are hurting and the game is about to end. the volumes are ridiculous now, a sign that now on the book are only their usual orders. They had more brains and less pressing greed could achieve unparalleled gain. it would be enough to remove the orders and leave the free price to go up again to benefit from the ETF fomo

Given BCN price, how many neurons does a troll have?

We haven't done a lower low yet despite a week closing below the previous week low. What to expect now? Probably neutral week, ranging between 5800 and 6800 or down below 5800. Let's see.

BCN Holder and Guardian
But now... If youre not manager... That suck lol

That's ok. Managers get extra 20 euros per month and they have big head already lol

I have a master and i win 150-500 eur/days.

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Is it possible to make an exchange that gives you an indicator of where your buy/sell order is along the queue?

When everything is working then we will see real euphoria and demand will drive us back towards .25 or higher

Nicolas Roussel: To be more specific, closing above 6800 will signaI another bullish week ahead. If we stay in the 6400/6800 range, we may have a neutral/bearish following week.

Compression without volume. I would think we have 65% chance to have a bearish week to come, 30% neutral, 5% bullish

Jorge R
BCN going to 10k sat again

Yeah i geus too . Look bcn team now wake up and seriously talk with binannce Maybe binannce gonna change opition then IT Will to mooooon

Abhi Rocks
170+ btc sell wall upto 36 sats omg

Yeah and still building more selling . I geuss whales want shake off great many weak hands

I’m queuing at 23, 22, 21, will see what to sell later😋

Hey i have a qeustion i cant reset my password on bytecoin. Org is there some one that can help me

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like disallowance bitcoin and other cryptocurrency in the USA, and EU ? because of 11 sept ? :)then I would like buy bcn at 0.4 sat :)))

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