The Upcoming ETF dates: Aug 23: ProShares ETF Final to Be Approved or Denied Sep 7: Bitwise ETF First to Be Denied or Delayed Sep 21: Direxion ETF Final to Be Approved or Denied Sep 30: CBOE VanEck/ SolidX ETF 2nd to Be Approved, Denied or Delayed

Will bcn rise during hardfork?

There is no such thing as "during" hard fork. One block will be the last one on the old chain and the following block will be the first one of the new chain.

Nicolas Roussel

Safety first and I don't trade like you Nicolas, I buy low and wait ;-)

I have a buy at 33, Vije has a sell at 37, let's see which fills first

Sure, I will take 1% commission on your first 5 SATs

ahla rt
Nic still waiting for 32 like me?

Whatever comes first, 32 or 38, I don't mind. Both is good for me

What is sure, we will reach 41 first ha ha ha

But first we need to reach 31, because now you can immediately buy at 30.

Thanks, only thing I need to do first is remove the ?rid=675631 and sign up 🤘🤡🤘

I was thinking the same thing, coinbase reports all large transactions deposits to the IRS, trust me, why wouldn't they report a BCN deposit which will be associated with your real identify to the IRS? People aren't thinking, it completely goes against the basic principles of BCN

First dogecoin now Ripple , am sure bcn Will next or later . Seem whales want buy very cheap coins that is dogecoin and Ripple and sure bcn

Malazzi ( study future teller )
Cant down under 6k

Of course BTC will go below that. The question is when. And probably it will go up to 12/15k first.

Yea first 20 sats then 15 then 10 then 5 then 1

We need to go down to 20-21 first before a bounce.

Binance: wait one month so no bcn is in binances wallets except theirs. Relist when bcn "showed improvements" so it won't be that obvious, block all bcn deposits and sell into the poor f*ckers.

I switched my bcn for npxs (Deal with dubai goverment)
Same✌️😇 ⚡️🔜🐃⚡️“This partnership brings world-leading, blockchain-based XPOS technology into a public sector environment for the first time and is the company's first deployment in the Middle East region.”

I will not leave the project. First I believe in this coin. I believe that the developers continue their work. Mistakes happen to everyone, everyone has the right to make mistakes. Secondly, we have already gone through hard times, and again we will pass. With you or not.

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