Xrp days start

Mr. Good
You've been telling that BCN is traceable, I've asked you to prove it, and you've said that I must prove that it is untraceable. After that you was banned because I don't want to spend my time and others time on such discussions without sense, because the math is already proving it. And also I don't want to spend my time on you here anymore.

I gave a reaction on someone else that said BCN is untraceable. But unfortunately it is traceable. It's not something I made up. And I rather have it be untraceable. But then you reacted to my message that I had to prove it. I said I can't because I don't have the resources. And then you banned me.

Lol. So I got banned from the group because I can't start a discussion Mr. Good doesn't like.

That main group is improving every day. Good effort to make it a community driven coin 😂

Alert! София Константиновна is a known spammer and is CAS banned. Ban is strongly recommended.

Can the price reach less than 1 Satoshi? And what would happen then?

The project is developing further, and whatever the price, the Bytecoin team will work further.

Van Bugar

lol. why on earth would someone do it randomly on telegram?

Don't think about short term....u remember when Bitcoin few cent few years ago????

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Dic on app.stex next target 🎯 0.00000297 on 2 hourThis is before 1 hour single

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