Lol seriously I don't have any expectation even from the hardfork now. Just seeing my money getting halved every few weeks. Just let it go like a sand 😅

LoL, I understand, short term, I'm down several thousands but as far as the hard fork goes, it won't be an success unless it leads to the network and wallets being stable for several months, then people will have faith in it again knowing their money won't get stuck trying to move it around. Stability is the key to us seeing some real gains imo

I win this in... 30 min in my own work.

I have a master and i win 150-500 eur/days.

#swinging time, for btc before the final surge

who is enjoying the swing ??

Shibu Babu
please exply .. what is hard fork

Please Google it with Bytecoin your self. Knowing is half the battle

Google it, knowing is half the battle. GI Joe's

*of course, if you need to take some profits within that window... then sell some & hodl the rest✊

a look at history + growing community tells me that price is not going much lower,volume is picking up and the pattern is very clean so I'm pretty sure

well i need another 100k win off bcn again

Knowing is half the battle

Will bcn rise during hardfork?

There is no such thing as "during" hard fork. One block will be the last one on the old chain and the following block will be the first one of the new chain.

It's 50-50. Either win or lose

Gamblers anonymous

I'm not talking about probabilities but about risk/reward. Actually if we go 1 sat down or 1 sat up, you win/lose almost same percentage. However, probability wise, there is more chance to have time to flip, even several times, rather than losing straight.

BTC bear market can last years, sometimes until next halving. Next one is in 2020...

I think we are in the early stages of a bull market, which we will see a lot of big swings high and low until the bulls gain full control

guys, what u think for following months?

My buy and sell orders are not showing up

I just follow my strategy it pays eventually even I have to buy/sell in the wind. Binance will thank me later ha ha

anywhere if you like

Ok. If I understand correctly holding CNIF represents your share in the funds. However the value of CNIF will be dependent of the valuation of the holder at the time of selling, which should fairly represent the fund share value per CNIF. However, I don't see any information on Withdrawing from benefits. So holding will just be the same as holding a bunch of crypto as decided by funders and Community. An alternate model would be to transparently explain how the benefits will be shared. Let's say the CNIF represents the initial investment and say every 60 days, the benefits are withdrawn in ETH and sent back to holders, in my view it would be much more attractive.

29 VS 31 which will win

The only easy money I got was from nic who gave me 1000 bcns as winner of price prediction competition

Vladimir B
Me too, but dont like to loose money:) I trade very carefully:)

It's not about losing money for me, it's about winning less. And I just follow my strategy. Doesn't matter to me if it goes up or down.

Nicolas Roussel
It doesn't work like that. You need a balance of sellers and buyers. If no-one sells, no-one buys and the price doesn't move.

Price doesn’t move IF no one sells though. The guy who expects an instrument’s price to go up would want to be one of few sellers, if not the only one. You need the bid power to win againist ask for the price to go up.

gents is price following USDT or BTC

Nicolas Roussel: To be more specific, closing above 6800 will signaI another bullish week ahead. If we stay in the 6400/6800 range, we may have a neutral/bearish following week.

this what I think, but you are in right to don't think the same: How to be on famous exchanges? 1. Stable network, (without ASIC help very much for do that). 2. Updates only when necessary (for don't slowing down peoples, trading and exchanges). What BCN have done ? 1. No change of algorithm, let ASIC to overload the network at the sametime of Binance listing. (——> How many peoples have ASIC who expensive, maybe: 10% of the network hashrate lol.) 2. Too many updates since network crash, slowing down peoples, traders, exchanges.

Nicolas Roussel
Because not everyone panic sells at every bad news

I'm afraid you missed the question, I'm not asking anything about panic selling and of course not ever one panic sells at every bad news, pretty stupid statement. My question is why isn't price higher from the excess of buy orders or why haven't those billions sell order holders started withdrawing their BCN, those sell orders starting to look fake especially if no one can put a sell orders at 200 or even 1000 sats

Josh Adex: I transferred my BCN from Binance to Poloniex for almost 10mins now it is yet to arrived but it is showing transfer completes in Binance. Can anyone help pls

in open orders, still in sell orders, that's why the balance isn't showing

I just cancelled my order and my balance showed

I have nothing showing up on my BCN for binance. Nothing showing in trades or anything at all

Also he is throwing around with lose price predictions that are based on nothing, and will only get people dissapointed

I 7000 bcn on my binance account...but now it is not showing on binance ..pls help

I had 50000 byte coin in my byte coin web wallet but now it is showing only 167 bcn... Where is my bcn

I transferred bcn from binance to bcn web wallet last year... 50000 bcn moved to another account on 28 may 2019. But I didn't transferred or I don't know how and who transfered this... Transaction hash showing there

Win project is better than this. They giving dividend daily payment 5$-10$. Buy now on binance