Nicolas Roussel
When sliced bread at 200 $

If xrp reached 3 dollars BCN can reach a dollar in this market. Long shot but can. At same time it can go to zero as well

Bcn to much supply

Too much supply for who? XRP and Stellar have 100 billion total supply

I bought, 1177 XRP when it's $2.67 and 12000 bcn at 0.0057 😐🤐

Hey nick no new news for bcn?? Etn and xrp have a good news too bad im stuck with bcn but im waiting

Ahhaha are we too late to ride xrp :(

Xrp gone mad...breaking evrery boundries

I think after xrp etherium will catch up and reaquire the 2nd place

XRP 2nd Market cap above ETH

Everytime xrp overtake eth .eth catch up

After xrp moon eth will follow i think

Those who missed xrp ride, bcn is a good chance 🙈

Many of people assuming bull run coming because of xrp run

Xrp days start

Xrp will touch easily $1 in upcoming 3 days🚀🚀🚀🚀

Ripple CEO Sees XRP as the Bridge Between Banks and Crypto — Will This Make XRP’s Price Explode?Jack ThomasRipple is actively pursuing🏆 the banking market, and if they can crack it like their CEO believes, will that be the 🕐💥time for XRP to explode?