Wow.. if u look at BCNxUSD pair... If we break this support at $.00017 the next one is way way lower. The one I see is at $.00010. What u think guys? Do u see any other support? That would be a free fall to the center of the Earth...

What makes me happy is if this thing really drops this hard. Recover will be enormous

My invested value in Bcn went from a car to a skate right now. But if I buy ten more skates at 10 sats. When this thing recover there aint be no more cars, but lambos 😁

I think I need to transfer my bcn from polo asap... They dont work with sub satoshi units like Hitbtc. If bcn goes under 1 sat I will not be able to trade anymore... 🤭

Come on Bcn dont be shy... We all want you at 10 sats 😍

Crypto c Man
It is a big game man and we are in the same titanic

We cannot say for sure if this cryptotanic is sinking or not. But we can see lots of rats jumping in the water

Shon Gee
Any takers?

I take all your coins for 5 sats each. Last chance!

I saw this comming. Many people here saw it too. Bytecoin forever under maintenance would lead it to this destiny. Idk why dev team didn't work to fix it fast enough. I dont see any light in the end of the tunnel for Bytecoin. Maybe I buy some when it hits a price under a satoshi in the next days just to say I hold millions of it. Pitty.

jay sturm
When they did the quiz, I sold...

I remember, the great announcement, breaking news, was a quiz haha. I sold a week later

Here we go 21 sats at Polo

My buy order at 1 sat is just waiting

Incoming 19 sats

20 sats is actual price. 19 sats is the next low price coming at Polo, given current trades. It was in the 21-22 range for the day long. Now it broke down to 20-21 and sell orders started to pile up at 21 while buy orders at 20 sats went down from 50 btc to 15 btc.

Yes I know. But bc of the low volume at Polo there is the possibility of a 19 sats there soon before bots kick in making prices equal again across exchanges.

Wow what a drop.. BCN is #38 in MarketCap now... I remember it being Top 25 not long ago 😳