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Discover a Reliable Crypto Exchange Service - Read Our Excoin Review 

At the stage of creating the application, asks for the recipient's account number. It means that, to be able to trade here, you should enter a 20-digit bank account number in the field and send an application. The exchange direction of sold 0.1 BTC for dollars.

It turned out that you need to indicate the 16-digit card number on The site might not warn about an error during the creation of the application, but the consultant will notice it for sure. He asked for the number and name of the cardholder to edit the application.

The Excoin consultant noticed an error and requested correct details. After fixing the application, the exchange service accepted the cryptocurrency and sent the money. When testing the platform, we received our money just two minutes after the transaction was confirmed. The difference in the exchange rate with EXMO was 0.4%.

All operations are carried out manually around the clock. The website has a simple interface, usual for exchange offices, with the ability to conduct transactions without prior registration. Registered users get access to additional functionality. With the internal balance at Excoin, you can do more than just conduct exchange transactions.


Users can also use internal balance to simplify their work. In your personal account, you can replenish your own wallet to make exchanges. Thanks to this, the exchange of cryptocurrency takes place instantly, without waiting for network confirmations.

Deferred Order 

This function allows you to buy cryptocurrency at an acceptable rate. The client leaves a purchase order indicating the required rate, after which it will "wait" for the moment when the cryptocurrency reaches the specified price.

When placing an order, the client sets an “expiration date” after which it will be canceled. If it is not installed, the system will automatically set the period for a single month. A week before its end, the client will begin to receive daily messages with an offer to "move" the application. If the cryptocurrency rate reaches the desired mark, the exchange will be carried out in a few minutes. For cryptocurrency, pending orders can be exchanged in any direction. In this case, funds are debited from the internal balance.

Available Currencies 

Work with popular cryptocurrencies, payment systems, and banks is supported. The complete list of available options is revealed on the official website of the exchange.

Excoin always has large reserves in all areas of work. The only downside for some users is the absence of Webmoney in the list of available exchange directions. 


The registration form is standard at Excoin. It consists of a field for filling in an email address and fields for entering and confirming a password. 


After registration, an email will be sent with login information and a coupon for an additional discount of 0.01%. For registered users, a personal account becomes available, in which you can: 

   - View the history of applications 

   - Set up work with Excoin 

   - Get a link for the referral program and promotional materials 

   - Integrate the exchange with your website 

   - Work with internal balance

After registration, you can turn on the automatic data filling function. The user does not have to enter passport data, wallet numbers, bank cards, and/or phone numbers. 


Registered users are provided with discounts, depending on the volume of transactions. Initially, the fee will be reduced by 0.05%. After the amount of transactions reaches $ 10,000, the discount will be equal to 0.12%.

User Reviews and Reputation of Excoin 

Most of the reviews about the service on the network are positive. Users note the fast processing of applications and the prompt solution of problems by the support service. Feedback usually sounds this way, “This is not the first time I use this exchange. Everything has always been excellent at Excoin for me. MasterCard payment for Bitcoin passes in five minutes. The transactions take place without interruptions. Keep it up!” 



We would also stress the great work of the local support team. There was a question with the wallet from our side while we were testing the platform. A customer support rep solved everything in the matter of 5 minutes. Thanks for their patience and understanding, we solved the issue pretty fast and effectively. On the Internet, you can find other client reviews with accusations that data is leaking from the Excoin exchange office. However, these are isolated cases, in which the users may be the ones to blame. The exchange office has discussion threads on major financial forums. Claims for them are also rare, while most of the reviews are positive.

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