Changelly Crypto Review 2021 | Is It Worth It?

Should you work with Changelly? This information is detailed in our Changelly review

Full Changelly Review 2021

Changelly is a convenient modern digital money exchanger. Poloniex, Bittrex, and HitBTC are present in the list of well-known crypto trading platforms. For betting, the exchange attracts clients with the most optimal rate. The client can only watch how the most attractive offer will be automatically opened without the need to register on the site.

Is Changelly a reliable resource or a scam? Will the exchange be able to provide a high-quality service? Is it convenient for visitors to use it as a widget? We will answer these and other questions in the detailed review below.

Changelly is an automatic cryptocurrency exchange service. The platform started its work in 2015. The company has gained popularity among traders around the world. The exchange focuses specifically on the international market, and the interface of the official website is presented in 12 languages. The main office of the organization is registered in Malta in the city of Valletta. Also, the company's headquarters is located in Prague, from where the platform's activities are regulated.

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In addition to the standard functionality, the site contains an informative blog. The blog information has been translated into 9 languages. Here, the client can find information not only about the latest news of the company itself, but also read informative articles on financial topics and about cryptocurrencies. Also for beginners, training materials are included, namely tutorials, as well as basic terms and tips from professional traders. was developed by the creators of the popular Minergate pool. 


Charlie Schrem (co-founder of BitInstant and the Bitcoin Foundation) and the equally famous Konstantin Gladich are respected in the cryptocurrency environment, and their joint product, Changelly, combines several useful features. It acts as a cryptocurrency exchange office, and the owners of thematic sites can use it as a widget. It is also a great API for marketplaces. One of the important points is the affiliate program, which allows you to regularly increase your income by attracting new referrals.

The functionality of the exchange attracts the attention of clients from different countries of the world, therefore the interface is made in English, which is familiar to many traders. There is translation into several other languages ​​(Russian, French, Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.). At the same time, all information is divided into structural sections, which makes the search easy even for beginners. Several websites and wallets work with the platform.

The service already has a high level of trust, the number of its visitors is constantly increasing. The support service is in touch around the clock. So, after describing the problem, a solution is offered without delay. You can contact the managers either through the feedback form or by mail. The registration procedure is minimized - you just need to indicate the email address to which the letter with a personal password will be sent. You can make this process even easier by logging in via social networks or your own Google+ account.

How to Exchange Cryptocurrency on the Changelly Platform?

To exchange cryptocurrency on the platform, the user needs to take a few simple steps:

   - choose a cryptocurrency for exchange;

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   - confirm the transaction by logging into the system; 

   - send the amount to the specified address and receive cryptocurrencies to your wallet within a few minutes at the best market offer.

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The trading platform is suitable for both experienced traders and beginners. A professional will be able to deal with the functionality of the platform in 10-15 minutes after registration.

A large number of training materials is provided for new users, which also facilitate quick learning. Since the platform is an automatic cryptocurrency exchange service, there is no such terminal on the site.

A mobile application has been developed so that traders can get quick access to the project's functionality anywhere and anytime. Thus, clients can trade without using a laptop or desktop computer. Both Android and iOS versions are available.


The personal account is not overloaded with settings. If you wish, you can change the email address to a valid one, It is also suggested to use your password instead of the personal one sent by the site. The password can be changed quickly through your personal account. Another important point is the connection of two-factor authentication. It includes entering a code and re-entering it during a transaction. If desired, there is an option to opt out.

Verification on Platform

The service has a fairly simple registration process, since the user only needs to specify an email address and follow the link that will be indicated in the received letter from the company. Also, for the security of their account, the client should enable two-factor authentication.

As for the identity verification process, it is optional for clients and is carried out at the request of the administration. Such activity is conditioned by the mitigation or prevention of possible risks that are associated with the policies and illegal activities. In this case, the user will be sent a letter to the specified email address with a request to provide the following documentation:

   - high-quality photo of an identity document;

   - confirmation of the origin of funds;

   - any other applicable documentation.

Once all requested documentation has been submitted, the transaction will be subject to processing. Basically, the verification process takes from several days to several weeks. However, due to the size of the platform, identity verification may be completed faster.

Replenishment and Withdrawal of Earnings

You can start exchanging money immediately after completing the registration procedure, which opens access to your personal account. An internal wallet is not provided by the creators, so the exchange is launched from an existing account directly on the crypto exchange. For the same purpose, you can use the mining service or any wallets online or offline. It is convenient to exchange about a hundred different cryptocurrencies on the site, including the most popular ones: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, and a number of others. 

The operation itself takes only a few minutes and is very simple. After selecting the currency for sale (on the main page on the left), the currency for the purchase is indicated (in the same place, but on the right). You need to indicate the number of coins and the wallet address for the transaction. After a thorough check, you can confirm your choice, get the coordinates of the exchange wallet, and send coins for implementation. Instead of the address, you can use a QR code. It will have to be scanned. The service itself will perform the exchange and send the funds to the wallet that exists for this purpose.

The purchase of tokens from 2016 is available for fiat money using Visa and Mastercard debit or credit bank cards. The operation is simplified as much as possible. On the right, the amount of the purchase is indicated, on the left - the sale. You will need the address of the electronic wallet. Personal information of the card (CVC code, card number, and expiration date) is entered in the line "Pay with Mastercard/Visa", and the phone number is added. The code will be announced in the telephone mode.  

Not everyone can buy cryptocurrency for the first time without restrictions. In some countries, individual rules have been introduced. For residents of Australia, Canada and the United States, a limit is set on the first exchange - no more than $50, while the second should not exceed $100. Europeans have access to the first payment in the amount of $100. Bonuses

From time to time, the organization conducts various promotions and gives bonuses to active users, but at the moment there are no offers. Further information on promotions can be found in the service blog in the "Promotions" section of the website.


Referral Program

An affiliate program was developed for active users who want to receive additional income. Thus, clients can attract new participants to the project and receive up to 60% of the fee for this. The program is implemented in two ways: using the Changelly widget or using the exchange button with a referral link. The offer is more suitable for owners of their own blogs or websites, as well as for active users who can attract new users using a referral link.

Regulation of the Crypto Exchange

The company was registered in Prague on December 26, 2013 and operates in accordance with Czech law. In 2015, the service was rebuilt according to the current parameters and received an updated interface. Since July 2017, the exchange API has been integrated into Jaxx Wallet, an application that is popular among cryptocurrency traders due to its wide capabilities and useful functionality. In Prague, the main office is open, and the work of the exchange is allowed in all countries of the world, but the rules are the same for everyone. For their violation, the user’s account is threatened with blocking.

The exchange is allowed to accept any local currency, which is immediately transferred to the account in dollars or euros. If there are difficulties during the transaction and the code has not been received, then you will need the help of the technical service. To do this, you need to record a voice message. In addition to the message, you will need a passport photo. After receiving your data, the service will deal with the problem.

The exchange operates on the platforms of the most popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Such respected media as Forbes, Cryptocoinsnews, and Coindesk have repeatedly written about its merits and functionality. Users' requests for expanding the list of currencies for exchange always receive a proper reaction and the list of cryptocurrencies is increasing.

Clients must provide the administration with a whole package of documents before proceeding with the first transaction. The package must contain photocopies of all important pages of the passport, their authenticity is confirmed by a notary. There must be documents confirming the place of residence - either passport pages with registration, or paid receipts for utilities (also must be certified by a notary). A recommendation document will be needed,

The service does not guarantee that the transaction will be executed with a fixed exchange rate in some cases:

   - cryptoassets were sent by the user 15 minutes after clicking the "Confirm and make payment" button;

   - the client sent an excellent amount of digital currency from the amount that was originally supposed to be sent and displayed on the platform, or did not take into account the withdrawal costs and network fees, which led to a decrease in the amount;

   - a trader sent cryptocurrencies to a previously used address, which is a one-time use and was generated specifically for a transaction with fixed exchange rates, or vice versa for a transaction with a floating rate.

Support Team

There are several ways to contact support:

   - email: [email protected];

   - online chat;

   - social networks.

Before contacting a technical support representative directly, the user can consult the information provided in the "FAQ" section, which contains answers to the most popular questions.

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Changelly is an exchange with more advantages than disadvantages. The creators have tried to give the user the product he needs. The service offers many cryptocurrencies (the whole truth about cryptocurrency) and tokens available for exchange at the optimal rate. Buying coins is possible for fiat money. The greatest feature is that you do not have to spend a lot of time on registration. Further staying on the site and buying or selling do not carry any threats, since authentication occurs twice. The menu of the exchanger is well formulated, and the search for any necessary information is quick and convenient.

Feedback from traders (mostly positive) and the successful operation of the site for more than a year indicate that the exchange is not a scam, as all transactions are confirmed and performed quickly enough. Integration with other resources and an active affiliate program also indicate the intention of developers to keep up with the times. All this could not but lead to the dynamic growth of the permanent customer base, which has long exceeded 300 thousand people.

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