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More and more crypto exchanges are appearing on the stock market. It is difficult to choose the best one. At a time when Bitcoin is at its peak, many people need time to acquire this currency in order to improve their financial condition. If you have already come across exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, or Binance, you might think that buying cryptocurrency is not easy. However, there are simpler and faster services that require a minimum of effort. One such example is Eclipcoin. 

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Top-10 Stock Exchange Services

Top-10 Stock Exchange Services

Choosing an exchange platform that meets your needs is the first step before you start buying, selling and trading cryptocurrencies. Our selection evaluates the best platforms and details the criteria that need to be considered to ensure the security of your cryptocurrencies.

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Top 10 Crypto Wallets

Top 10 Crypto Wallets

A purse for cryptocurrencies is a software that stores private and public keys in encrypted format to access a cryptocurrency virtual balance. Cryptocurrency users use a number of tools, one of the most important being the purse for cryptocurrencies. In this review, we will highlight the disadvantages and advantages of each type of purse from different services.

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Top Forex Brokerages

Top Forex Brokerages

Foreign exchange trade is growing very rapidly. This has both positive and negative effects. On the one hand, some companies surpass the technology and create their own services that fully meet the needs of their clients, thus they become the best Forex brokers. You will see the best Forex brokers by In selecting the best, we took into account licenses, spreads, commissions, available platforms, customer support, history and much more.

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Top Online Exchanges

Top Online Exchanges

Many cryptocurrency exchanges available for residents to buy and sell crypto.
It’s often not easy to find the right crypto exchange when you’re a beginner or even an advanced trader.
We have reviewed the best crypto exchanges and will list our top-rated and best cryptocurrency exchanges. So you can make a great decision for a platform that suits you.

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Top-Preferred Cryptocurrency Exchange Reviews from Professionals

We cannot deny the complexity of investing in crypto. That is why the main goal of our platform is to assist our users with choosing the best exchange services. From a complete Forex broker review to crypto wallets review, those interested in crypto investments would find our info useful. Only field experts prepare detailed reviews for our users.

How Do We Come up with the Objective Exchange Reviews?

To create a crypto exchange review, it’s necessary to conduct several integral steps. Here is how our team prepares posts that would help you choose the best ideas for your investments.

Stage 1. We Collect

The primary step is to gather data on the latest crypto exchanges. We look through the news channels, social media groups, and other platforms dedicated to cryptocurrencies before publishing a Forex review. 

Stage 2. We Assess

Once done, our experts analyze the collected info for accuracy. We are ready to guarantee a 100% relevance of data that we collect to every user of our website.

Stage 3. We Evaluate

Once we collect and assess the information. We rate every exchange service based on objective criteria. The idea is to provide you with the most detailed crypto market review.

Stage 4. We Report

This site was created to come up with an objective Broker review. You’ll find reviews on various crypto exchanges. As a result, we developed clear guidelines and hints. We hope that our tips will help you make the right decision.

How We Make You Choose Top Exchange Services

So many investing opportunities - it’s easy to lose your head! That is why our goal is to prevent you from the possible negative outcomes. We are here to help you choose the best exchange services and cryptocurrencies. We’ll prevent you from dodgy and unsafe activities associated with cryptocurrency. That’s how our experts evaluate every aspect: from the platform’s fees to regulations and bonuses. You can review cryptocurrency exchange rankings created by our team experts before deciding where to invest your money.

Main Features to Consider When Choosing an Exchange

We take care of our users by providing valuable tips and tricks on how to securely buy crypto online. Our experts analyze exchange services based on several critical factors.


It’s better to keep away from websites that do not guarantee 100% security and anonymity. We have a look at what the specific exchange reps do to protect user’s personal information. We expect to see such protection measures as severe ID confirmation procedure, asset insurance, and two_factor_authentication. 


Commissions matter no less than prices. Platforms where you can purchase tokens possess various strategies of monetizing their services. Our goal is to find platforms that offer the lowest fees. We even have some exchanges for you that have no withdrawal and deposit commissions.

Simplicity of usage

It’s not that easy to understand the world of crypto, especially if you’re new to this topic. Don’t worry - even dummies find our service very simple to use. We have a user-friendly interface, easy navigation, and filters that will help you find the best exchanges within seconds. Also, we have only simple-to-use exchanges for you.


Our experts have a look at how many tokens the specific service supports. We understand that you may want to diversify your portfolio with new coins. You can also study tutorials to find out more about new crypto.


Client support is an important part of any exchange. It’s critical that a user of a service can turn for help at any time, with any question. From the sign-up process to banking options, we make sure that every rep of customer help service can consult clients on any issue.


When buying and selling cryptocurrencies, it’s critical to select the most suitable payment method. Visa, PayPal, NetEnt, MasterCard, bank transfer, and more - we choose exchanges with the greatest variety of options available.


What are the criteria for choosing the top 10 brokers?

Factors that we take into account when choosing TOP-10 brokers:
- How much is required to open an account?
- What are the spreads and fee structure?
- Do brokers offer swap-free Forex accounts?
- Is the Forex broker regulated?
- What was the experience of other traders?
- Quality of customer support among Forex brokers

How Do We Assess Forex Brokers?

Forex brokers are rated according to the following parameters:
- Regulatory Forex Broker Status
- Ease of use
- Availability of mobile trading application
- Trader training and education
- Market research
- Simplicity and ease of opening an account.
- Availability of a license

Why, when choosing top brokers, do we pay attention to whether they train traders or not?

If you are new to the cryptocurrency market, a bit of educational materials and quick training on this topic will come in handy. Many brokers offer webinars, seminars, and personal consultations. Classes can be paid or free. Sometimes, brokers arrange promotions and give paid classes.

Why do we pay attention to the availability of a license when choosing top brokers?

For a brokerage career, you need to acquire a special type of license, which is issued by government agencies in the manner prescribed by law. Brokerage companies have access to most financial exchanges only if they have a package of certified documents.

Why do we rely on other users' opinions when choosing the best brokers?

As a rule, professional brokers provide services to a huge number of traders. The more dissatisfied traders there are, the easier it is to understand which brokers have more problems with providing their services.

Why is the minimum deposit amount used for opening an account as a criterion?

Not all traders have the opportunity to pay a large amount in order to start trading on a particular exchange.

Why, when choosing the top 10, do we take into account whether brokers have mobile trading applications or not?

One of the vital points for choosing a broker is the availability of a mobile application. After all, you must admit that it is very convenient to take your smartphone, open an app, and understand the cryptocurrency markets, rather than count the time when you get home to your PC.

What are the criteria for choosing top crypto exchanges?

The criteria by which we choose Top-10 crypto exchanges include:
- Prices
- Courses
- Commissions

Criteria for choosing a crypto wallet

- Prices
- Courses
- Commissions